Support links and resources for trans people in Wales and the UK

This Carrd is run by Trans Aid Cymru. To keep up to date on what we're doing follow us on twitter! We also have a facebook page where we call for volunteers and post opportunities. You can also help us by donating!

How allies can help

Resources for trans people


If you'd like to add resources to this list or your own fundraiser, contact me via the below.

We are a mutual aid group organised by a diverse team of radical trans and nonbinary people in South Wales. Our aim is to look after the material needs of trans, nonbinary and intersex people in our local community. Below you can find links to our projects and social media!

We run a mutual aid fund to help folks in need. The money has been used to support surgery costs, medication, essentials like food, bills and rent.

To access these funds you must live in Wales. You can apply by contacting us on our social or emailing us at [email protected]
If you want to donate to the fund you can do so here!

Our Trans GP Map has details of known trans friendly Welsh GPs. We mostly feature positive reviews, but we do have a few negative ones, these are coloured in red so you can differentiate from them. We also have a list of the Local Gender Team members, these markers are green. These doctors may not be GPs but you can expect to be referred to them for hormones if you are seen by the Welsh gender clinic. Knowing where they are can help alleviate any worries about distance travelled to get hormones.
You can use the toolbar on the left to find a specific category. The map is editable so you can add to it yourself or email us at [email protected] to add a review!

There is also a penpal scheme! If you can get involved in this by contacting [email protected] and we can pair you up with a lovely ally to trade emails with! It's a great way to make new friends and affirmation and support.

Want to have you gofundme added? Email us at [email protected]